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Welcome to Shift Nation, a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2017 with a core focus on education and community building. Rooted in the principle of equality, we stand against discrimination based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, or disability.

Our mission is to instill faith, hope, healing, and restoration among individuals marginalized by societal systems and those traumatized by life's disparities. At Shift Nation, we are dedicated to fostering positive change, both locally and globally.

Join us in our journey as we continue to support and empower communities across borders.

Together, we Shift Nations by Shifting People.

  • Health Clinics

  • City Rehabilitation 

  • School Reformation

  • Shoes & Clothe Distribution

  • We Will Cover You (Blankets & Jackets)

  • School of Becoming 

  • Sneaker Drive 


Shift Nation's National and International Missions embody our unwavering commitment to education and community building, founded on the bedrock of equality and the rejection of discrimination. Our mission is to infuse faith, hope, healing, and restoration into the lives of those marginalized by societal structures and life's injustices. From local initiatives to global endeavors, we strive to foster positive change and empower communities worldwide. Through our mobilization efforts, we aim to catalyze sustainable solutions addressing the diverse spectrum of physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Join us on this transformative journey as we work tirelessly to shift nations by shifting lives. 

  • Global Evangelistic Missions

  • Discipleship

  • Counseling 

  • Workshops


Shift Empowerment is a non-denominational Christ-centered ministry dedicated to worldwide missionary efforts. We focus on spiritual development and personal growth, fostering a "personal relationship" with God for all individuals. Discrimination based on race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, or disability is strictly prohibited. Committed to holistic development and Kingdom building, we operate in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit, adhering to the principles of the Holy Scriptures. Join us in our mission to empower communities globally.

  • Morning Devotions (Clubhouse)

  • Friday Night Shift - Unity Meetings 

  • Let Us Pray - 12 Hours of Prayer 

  • Shift Revivals - Unity Meetings


Rickardo A. Brown's primary passion is philanthropy. Alongside his wife, Lady Althea M. Brown, he co-founded Shift Nation Inc., a humanitarian organization dedicated to "Shifting Nations by Shifting People". Their National and International Missions prioritize education, community building, and equality, aiming to bring faith, hope, healing, and restoration to marginalized communities worldwide. From a young age, Rickardo discovered his calling to preach, and since age 12, he has dedicated himself to spreading the Gospel across the United States, UK, Canada, and the Caribbean. Join them on this transformative journey as they are committed to "Shifting Nations by Shifting People".


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