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Local & International Missions

International Missions

Shift Nations offers international mission trips through partnered organizations both in the US and abroad. Going on an international mission trip gives you a fresh perspective about the work Jesus did and requires us to do in local communities throughout the world. With deeper insight, you'll return home transformed and more aware of the different cultures and perspective about where you're serving. You will be inspired to grow in your relationship with The Lord as you step out of regular routines and into another culture. Shift Nations have strong, reliable relationships with locals throughout International terrains and have a firm grasp of what the actual needs are in the community. When we arrive, we join alongside their ongoing efforts to reach the needs of the people. These trusted, established partnerships ensure your service is truly sustainable and leaves a lasting impact. Their local and abroad team carefully crafts the schedule and the entire experience so you can be fully present with your team. As you disconnect from everyday pressures, you'll establish a familial community as you encounter new experiences together. You'll find a willingness to be present and engaged as you work hard and develop relationships with residents, community partners/leaders, and teammates. Shift Nations Inc., is the lead organization for these international initiatives yet stands on the wings and shoulders of trusted businesses and organizations nationally and internationally. Their goal is to simply connect with those who desire to serve internationally and provide safe and effective opportunities to do so.

International Missions

Local Ministries, nonprofits and businesses come alongside other seasoned local ministries, nonprofits, and businesses to make a lasting difference through meaningful community service. Together we will display Christ-like empathy and compassion for others as He meets the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of disadvantaged and displaced children, youth, and adults. As a people United, we’ll develop relationships and connections with the people we serve, other teams, organizations, ministries/ministers, business/business owners, and, most importantly, with Jesus Christ.  Whether you're out serving, sharing and serving a family-style meal, or Worshiping together at a Unity Meeting Service, the intimate environment of Shift Nations allows you to build strong relationships that last beyond your time together. Each service project is the result of a partnership we build with organizations, ministries, and individuals who live, work, and serve in each community. Projects might include providing meals to the homeless, tutoring struggling children from low-income families, helping find safe clean living environments for displaced families, working with disabled children/, or sharing stories and time with a lonely elderly person in an assisted-living facility. Our hope is that you walk away knowing more about what our partners do year-round, and your role in the big picture.


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